Sunday, 5 October 2008

Updating you

Last weekend I went for a weekend course at Arthur Findlay college in Stanstead. Gorgeous weekend enjoying the sun and nature and watching the horses in the paddock next door. The sun was out so caught a few beams which was lovely. Relaxing break out of the city to save my sanity and came back refreshed.

Working hard at the moment, its really good being busy and learning more. Really enjoy job variety so its great. Im never sitting still for long (unless im creating posters in photoshop or editing a swedish website that ive been working on for weeks, then it takes me all day to spell out words like ventigulingsing hogprofil z-och c-balk. But i like web editing and photoshop work so i dont mind :)

Tip to myself - get to work by 8:30 so I dont have to endure being squashed in the tube with peoples arms and breifcases pushing into me on all sides and peoples arms going right infront of your face. If you get on the tube around 7:45, you have room to read the paper or maybe even sit down :0 bonus.

The free papers in london are great, and thankfully we've moved on from amy winehouses adventures and are now focussing on the credit crunch and hearing blow by blow reports on the state of the economy around the world.

This weekend, well yesterday I did a one day course in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) at the City Lit Uni (its a uni devoted to adult learning and has an amazing range of courses) it was really interesting. It was good to recap some of the material that I have done with previous life coach and personal development courses. Plan to go on and do the NLP practitioner and life coaching courses.
Today the weather is miserable and so me and my flatmates are all cooped up inside listening to music, the guys are getting their DIY on and building some shelves while us girls stand by and critique their work :P

What i'm most excited about though is the fact that Russell Peters (comedian) and Russell Brand are both doing shows in London next Feb! I am soooo going. Just have to find someone else to go with. (Anyone?)

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