Saturday, 7 June 2008

2nd Update

I have been to an internet cafe every day so far, (actually, im in one now) cos its 2 blocks from my house at golders green- well I live 1 block from golders green main street and tube and 1 block from the supemarket so im close to everything, its great!!

Had 1 appointment with recruitment agency this morning, im just waiting for another one this afternoon. I have one tomorow at 1pm, next tuesday 11am, and thurs 5pm. Brooke had the day off yesterday so she showed me round town, i payed the rent and got my UK phone sorted, we bought some more grocerys - I bought vegies youll be pleased to know. You can get two bags of brocoli and cauli and stirfry for £1, 8 tubs of yogurt for £2, 2 packs of chicken breast for £3 an other awsome crazy prices!!!
Then we went home and had lunch, then we took a red double decker bus to brent cross, our nearest mall and shopped for a few hours... I bought a lovely jacket for £20!!!!

Ive had about 11 cups of tea in 3 days... big tea drinking people!!!

had my first flat Braii last night with the Tong Master Niel in charge.

Great spell of weather at arond 20-25deg. hot and sunny. yay. us girls went for a long walk (few hours) to Hamstead Heath, explred some cute old little brick laneways and explred the big park, people lying everywhere cos it was a sunny day!

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