Saturday, 7 June 2008

Exciting things happening

My biggest news is that I have booked a 9 day tour round egypt from 2-10th Aug. (50% deal with Travel Talk so i grabbed it) and ive got flights and return transfers organised. Really looking forward to this as I've always wanted to go there and was the main trip I wanted to do :D

My other big news is that I finally got a job after 4 weeks of searching and chasing 6 recruitment agencies who quite frankly didnt do so much as just keep me busy for a couple of hours while I went to visit them.

I have got a 1 month temp assignment working as New Media/Marketing Assistant for Corus on Millbank where i'm updating the website and intranet and other odd jobs. The building is right on rivers edge but only the top suits get the river views. Im a short stroll to Westminster and I can see the London Eye from outsite my building. Ive taught myself Lotus Notes and Vignette, their CMS and already holding the website fort as my manager is on holiday for a few weeks! Im happy to be learning new software packages and doing the work I want while gaining that foot into UK work so Im really happy.

Commute to work is really good, 40mins on the tube, 20mins on Northern line and about the same on the Victoria line and a 5min walk to work... only once have I had to deal with being squashed in- I wait for the next train if it is that full. no delays yet which is a bugger cos theres a website where you can claim refunds if the tubes hold you up. *But now the house wont be quite so CLEAN now I am not at home all the time* :P

House a bit quiet at the moment as 3 flatties are in Cuba so just 5 of us at the moment but we are hardly home anyway.. we are having some good Braii's in their absence tho! :D

Been to a house party and caught up with friends for drinks and have gone out fri and sat nights every week but not spending much where I can help it.. oh oops except for going shopping and spending... quite a bit... on replacing the parts of my wardrobe that I had to leave at home... so new shoes, new handbags, new jewellery and lots of new clothes.

I'm saving for travel now.. honest.. :0

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