Friday, 13 June 2008

This week

It's just blasphemy, that advertisers can taunt us with adds for enjoying the 'great british summer' all over the television when in reality its COLD and WINDY outside! the warmest place in the blimmin country is on the tube. pretty sad. C'mon Boris I'm hanging out for those air conditioned trains in 2009....

Its been a VERY long week for me, every day and night lasts for an eternity. I pass time on the tube reading all about Boris, Wino, and the Beckhams, then at work I've been updating the company intranet and website and playing around with photoshop teaching myself some more tricks..

Tomorrow I might be going with some friends to the all blacks game in a pub somewhere and have a few pints for breakfast, then head out to see 'Trooping the Colour' and see the queen and the guards strut their royal stuff..

Last night, to add to the 5 people already living in my flat, 3 more of my flatmates got back from cuba, and we had an extra dosser which made 9 people in house!! there were 5 of us kiwi girls all doing the slumber party thing in our big room..

Today, for the 3rd time since I've been in london I was dreaming away and got the wrong tube and ended up a few stops away from where i should have been. I could only laugh at myself really! The other two times I was dreaming aswell and went past my stop without noticing. lucky you can just get off and hop on the next train back again.

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