Saturday, 7 June 2008

What I've seen and done

WELL what has happened since last time I wrote when I had arrived a bedraggled traveller to my flat, met my flatmates, uppacked and straight away very at home.
The flat we live in is a big, homely house with 12' stud with decoration on the ceiling, spacious lounge and big garden. At the moment we have 8 flatmates 1 saffa, 1 aussie, the rest kiwi's. We all get along great.

I have spent most of my time learning what coins are what at my local internet cafe where
I have been tenaciously applying for jobs.. and jobs... and jobs... in the meantime I was making the most of my leisurley lifestyle and have been getting around the city, seen few museums and most of town.

Because I really could write a tome if I wanted too (but you would all fall asleep), I will outline the highlights of what I've done and seen so far.

Sir John Soane's museum in Lincoln Inns Fields- he has the largest private collection of historical things and antiques , including an actual sarcophogus. Theyve turned his house into a museum. he was an architect who designed famous buildings around London - he did the bank of england.

Britih Museum - its huge, amazing, modern, so much to take in by the end I was skimming over the exhibits which is a shame cos there was a huge room showing actual parts of greek historical buildings.

Natural History Museum - the 'hands-on fun museum' - it was full of kids! if you didnt trip over any one there was a lot of neat exhibits with real scale mammals... actual mummies... more to look at and less information to absorb.

Did a walk from Kensington palace gardens right through to Hyde Park and walked along the Serpentine and all the birds and people having lunch in the park..

Have done oxford street a couple of times, charing cross road, regent st, soho, leicester square, piccadilly circu, shakespeares globe, millenium bridge, walked past st pauls cathedral, got a red bus a few times now... gosh Ive been around quite a bit of town now - except the tower of london, the eye and westminter and buckingham palace and st james park cos I did that last time I came to London on holiday for a week in 2006.

Sometimes the busses are more convenient than tube but for me the timetables are hell to figure out.. rather than the colour coded tube map with names- that I can understand.! I've caught the dreaded 'night bus' once aswell... took two hours to get home on what would have been a 20min tube ride. I pretty much I take the tube everywhere and learning that pretty well. For generally finding my way around, I could have been in portsmouth by now if I didnt have my A-Z Map book. Even with that I get confused which way is the right way :D

I have been to the Ministry of Sound Club (a longstanding mission of mine!) to see Paul Oakenfold, been to a couple of other popular clubs with friends on various nights out. and been to a couple of nice pubs for a cider which everyone seems to drink.

I did the Borough Markets, (savour the sounds and smells of bustling market environmnt, fresh produce, flowers, seafood, chocolate and kebabs)
Portobello Road (vintage fashion and jewellery) and Camden (goth/punk)

I am also looking at a week sailing in Croatia with a friend and going to Germany either octoberfest or Berlin in October. On my top list is a weekend in amsterdam, paris, a week in scotland, austria and switzerland.

In june and july in england its festivals and concerts time... there are SO many on... my flatmates and I are busy prioritising which ones we want to go to.

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